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Submission Guidelines

Our submissions will be open August 19–October 22. Please come back soon!

For the sake of our translation process, these are indeed important to follow.

  1. We accept pieces of all forms -- art, poetry, fiction, drama, creative nonfiction, and experimental pieces are all welcome. Pieces in other world languages outside of English are also welcome.

  2. To ensure the attainability of translations, however, we are asking that if submitting fiction and nonfiction pieces, please attempt to keep the length reasonably short (3-5 pages). Drama pieces may extend 10-15 pages considering the content is feasible for translation.

  3. If submitting an art piece, please indicate the medium and size of the piece.

  4.  If submitting multiple pieces for consideration, please upload them as separate submissions.

  5. Please keep your name out of the submitted version of the piece. The google form below will have a slot for you to enter your name; however, we want to ensure the selection process is free from any bias.

  6. Additional Note: As the author, you will have a preference to what language your piece will be translated in if accepted; however, keep in mind due to our limited number of translators, we may not be able to accommodate every preference.

Submit Here
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