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Now Accepting Submissions for Boundless VI

September 12th - December 17th


Boundless V Out Now!

The Translate Iowa Project's Publication of 2021


About Translate Iowa

The Translate Iowa Project is a student-run organization at the University of Iowa committed to providing an outlet for voices of all backgrounds. TIP consists of a diverse group of writers, editors and translators who share a collective love for creative work, cultural inclusivity, and linguistically open spaces. 

Our spring publication Boundless is a literary magazine of student work branching anywhere from creative prose, drama, poetry and artwork, granting the students who submit a chance to show off their writing in a professional way. As part of the Boundless editorial board, students gain experience in working on the submission, editing, and promotional techniques common to any large-scale, real world literary publication. 


Goals When Translating


Through translation, TIP aims to present all language-specific contexts so that they are readily available and understood by everyone. We believe it is essential to portray the original and translated works as individual pieces that are valued equally and share the same intrinsic meaning.

As such, talented student translators from our editorial board work with fluent speakers or instructors from the University of Iowa's  Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures to gain vital insight into the artistry that translation requires. TIP translators also partner closely with the authors of the pieces they translate, to ensure that each translation communicates the ideas of the original submission wholly and accurately.